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Are you a fan of Jeopardy, Millionaire, or other question & answer games? Well, so are many of your customers and best of all, potential customers. “TriviaMaryland” is a great way to increase the bottom line and bring in new customers.

“TriviaMaryland” is an interactive, live team game. This game is different from other live trivia games as it is done as a PowerPoint Presentation and shown on your own big screen TV or multiple TVs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can it help my business?

Once your trivia loving customers and our mailing list find out you are hosting a “TriviaMaryland” game they will make plans to come to your establishment each week. I have found from running this game at different establishments that it can add customers on a  weekly basis, depending on your customer base, size and advertising. This can translate to lots of added revenue, weekly, and a new customer base.

What’s in it for the players?

Each week teams compete for prizes (gift certificates), supplied by each establishment, for the top three teams. They also compete for weekly points which are used to qualify for the “TriviaMarylandWorldSeries”. The top teams, in points, over a 10 week session are invited to play in the “TriviaMaryland Playoffs”. In the finals teams compete for cash prizes, which is a great drawing card. TriviaMaryland supplies all cash prizes.

When is the best time to host this game and how long does it last?

Each location is different. You know your business best. The game takes a little over 2 hours to play. In this way it won’t interfere with the trivia players beauty sleep. Weekday early evenings seem to be best but you know your customer base best.

What is my commitment?

There are no commitments. If you chose to cancel the game all it takes is a phone call. We want you to be happy with the results you see. There are no contracts.

Be sure to check the photo galleries to see the varied age groups the game can draw. Please call Kent 410-274-5030 or email to set up a time to see a demonstration of the game.