How to Play.

Scoring and Game Format

"TriviaMaryland" is a 20 question game with many categories.

  • All games are divided into 2- 10 question halves.
  • All odd number questions in each half are betting questions. You can bet 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 points on each odd number question but can only use each amount once in each half.
  • On any betting question,(odd #s) if only one team gets the correct answer that team will receive 2 bonus points.
  • All even number questions are multi-part, winner take all and picture questions.
  • 2-Part Questions- Each answer is worth 2 points. If you get both parts correct there is a bonus of 2 points for a possible score of 6 points.
  • 3-Part Questions- Each answer is worth 2 points. If you get all 3 parts correct there is a bonus of 2 points for a possible score of 8 points.
  • 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8 Part Questions- All parts are worth 1 point each. Any team that answers all parts correctly on any multi-answer question receives a 2 point bonus.
  • Winner Takes All Question- The team that has the closest to the correct answer gets 4 points. No other team scores any points.
  • FINAL QUESTION- Each team may wager up to 15 points on the final question (#20) as long as you have 15 points to wager. If your answer is correct those wagered points are added to your score. If you are wrong your wagered points are deducted from final score.

The Top teams each week will receive gift certificates from that establishment.

The top 5 teams each week will receive "TriviaMarylandWorldSeries". qualifying points.

The Rules

The main reason to play "TriviaMaryland" is to have fun with your friends. We hope all players will agree that a basic set of rules needs to be in place to make sure all teams have an equal opportunity to compete. Teams or players who choose not to follow these guidelines may be disqualified.

  • No more than 10 players on a team at any one time**. (enforced in playoffs & finals only.)
  • No computer or phone devices may be used during games. We want the players at the table to come up with their answers with no outside help.
  • No changing of answers once they are turned in. Make sure what you turn in is the answer you want.
  • Any player may play at each and all locations, but if you qualify for the playoffs you must choose only one team to play for.
  • All Emcees rulings are final. We try to be 100% correct at all times and will review our answers for errors but all answers at the time of the game will be official.
  • The top 5 teams at each location, each week, will receive points. 5-4-3-2-1 for first through fifth place. At the end of each 10 week session the top teams at each location with the highest point totals will qualify for the playoffs and a chance to go to "TriviaMarylandWorldSeries".
  • The size and amount of weekly prizes will be determined by the management at each location.

It is our hope that these rules will make your time playing "TriviaMaryland" a fun and challenging experience.

Sample Games.

The following games are demonstations of "TriviaMaryland". They are to give new players an idea of our game format and the genre of some of the questions asked. All sample games & WorldSeries Games are presented as Powerpoint presentations. If you don't have Powerpoint, you can download the Powerpoint Viewer here.

To move question to question just right click on mouse or right arrow. On question #6 and #16 you need to view the pictures 3 times before moving on. After viewing pictures once use the left arrow to go back and view again.

Sample Game #1    I    Sample Game #2    I     Sample Game #3     I     Sample Game #4

Too easy for you? OK champ, you can try the TriviaMaryland World Series games here.